The first M.I.A was held on the 06th of August 2022 at the Royal Regency London, hosted by Miss Paula London; other Red Carpet hosts were Kelly, Esse Panya, and backstage hosts Vanessa Van Den Beld and Mercedes.

The awards named winners in nine categories, including Men and Women’s Fashion, Entertainment, Content Creator, Beauty, Hair, Fitness, Foodie, Lifestyle, and wellbeing.

To show our appreciation and to encourage the various category winners for their notable work across the country, they were awarded an M.I.A statuette as a trophy.


Positive Mental Health was at the heart of the event, with an artistic performance given by 720g0D-D21, Arèmüorin, Pussy “Kat” Bangkok, Tee Special, Jet Set Life Max, Kay Da Ace, King Kaz, UZO, Angel Tarpov, and Tradge with Tamara.

And a speech by a representative, as well as awareness work carried out in collaboration with CALM, where brochures and badges were available.

Presenters included Danielle Nicholls, a TV and Radio Presenter, model, singer, and comedian best known for presenting CITV from 1998 to 2001, Night Fever on Channel 5, with guest appearances on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, and Trisha attended. The Local MP Sir Stephen Timms made a guest appearance too. The event was a great opportunity to network with people in the fashion and influencer industry, as well as producers and people from the corporate world.

We continue to relive and reminisce about the 2022 M.I.A awards, celebrating the red carpet looks, acceptance speeches, and epic moments enjoyed that night in anticipation of the next one.

The icon award was given to: Adebayo Jones and King Smade



👉Men’s Fashion Influencer: Daniel Asante @mr.dasante

👉Women’s Fashion Influencer: Shalini Victoria @iamshalinisahuta

👉Entertainment Influencer: Soulbarbie @officialsoulbarbie

👉Content Creator Influencer: Melly Myers @melly_myers_

👉Beauty Influencer: Delicia @delícia_dior

👉Hair Influencer: Scott James @scottjameshairdressi

👉Fitness Influencer: Lucy Wyndham @lucywyndhamread

👉Foodie Influencer: Zaire @zaire_zaire

👉Lifestyle & Wellbeing Influencer: Paula Perry Cycle Breaker @you4us_uk

Behind the Company

Christian Bate

Christian Bate

Project Manager

As the manager of the Magnified Influencer Awards, Christian Bate occupies a pivotal role in acknowledging top-tier social media influencers. Hailing from a background rooted in marketing and event management, Christian has undertaken substantial measures to enhance the stature of the awards. His meticulous efforts encompass diverse panel selections for judging, the procurement of esteemed sponsors, and the orchestration of flawlessly executed events. Christian has firmly cemented the Magnified Influencer Awards as a cornerstone of the influencer landscape, thereby garnering widespread respect and influence within the community. Moreover, Christian extends his influence beyond the realm of awards management, assuming the role of a mentor for models and actors. Through this additional facet of his work, he utilises his platform to inspire and motivate emerging talent, guiding them towards realising their full potential.

Magdalene Jumbo

Magdalene Jumbo


Magdalene Jumbo, the luminary CEO orchestrating the Magnified Influencer Awards, stands as a paragon of visionary leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of digital influence. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a discerning eye for talent, she has redefined the standards of recognition within the influencer sphere. Under her stewardship, the MIA have ascended to unparalleled heights, becoming the pinnacle of distinction for content creators worldwide. Jumbo’s indomitable spirit and innovative approach have not only revolutionized the industry but also empowered influencers to reach new heights of success and impact. Her remarkable legacy continues to inspire and shape the future of digital media on a global scale. Notably, her magnified influence was felt profoundly on the 6th of August 2022 at The Royal Regency in the UK, where her transformative vision came to fruition amidst grandeur and acclaim.

Mofe Brown

Mofe Brown

Production Manager

Mofe Brown, the visionary behind Mofe Brown Promotional Limited, is a prominent figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. With a strong focus on celebrity management and influencer marketing, Mofe has collaborated with some of the most renowned names in Nigerian entertainment.

Under his leadership, Mofe Brown Promotional Limited has become a leading entity, specializing in high-quality promotions, events, and branding initiatives. Notably, the company manages the prestigious Magnified Influencer Awards, an event that recognizes and celebrates top influencers across various sectors.

Mofe’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to strategies have solidified his company’s reputation as a trusted name in celebrity management and promotions.

About HACEY Charity

The HACEY Charity is a development organization focused on improving the health and productivity of vulnerable and underserved populations in Africa, HACEY's vision is to create a healthy and sustainable society for all.

As a direct response to young people's mental health needs, including those in the workplace environment, academic institutions and communities, the HACEY charity developed the Mental Health and Productivity program. The information and support services provided through the program focused on increasing awareness of mental health and mental health services, addressing myths that perpetuate discrimination. and stigma against people with mental health conditions and the effects of cyberbullying. As a result the programme was able to provide mental health support and referral centers across six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, deliver various podcasts covering issues on mental health, provide awareness building workshops and develop and distribute educational materials on mental health.

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About Magnified Influencer Awards

The Magnified Influencer Awards recognise the contributions that influencers make to our society.

We want to celebrate individuals that have been making an impact not only on social media but worldwide.

The Magnified Influencer Awards ceremony honours our carefully selected categories, appreciating and encouraging them for their excellent work.

Mental health and wellbeing are at the heart of what we do. We aim to collaborate with charities and local community groups committed to helping people in their local community.

Together we want to raise awareness of mental health to Support, Empower, Improve, Enable and create Opportunities for those who experience mental health problems.

If you are interested in collaborating for this project to see people affected by mental health issues live the best life possible, we would love to hear from you.